Born in 1982, Davide “Asker” Carioni is an eclectic artist whose interests embrace a wide range of activities, from graffiti painting to motion graphic and video mapping.

Asker started his artistic activity with graffiti painting in 1999 and he developed his own style, which is based on three­dimensional lettering. Soon after he became a member of some important graffiti writing crews, such as ACV, Interplay and the historical TDK. Throughout the years he combined his “soft and sinuous style” – which characterizes his activity as a graffiti writer­ with the introduction of new graphic and figurative elements, enriching in this way his artworks with new concepts and meanings. This combination marks and influences all his artistic activity, conferring a unique and recognizable stylistic “signature” to his work.

In 2009 he started to work as a freelance and he opened his own studio, called Original Asker (

The relationships within the urban landscape as a graffiti artist, his work as a motion graphic designer, his talent in projection and the 3D style led him inevitably to the discovery and study of VIDEO MAPPING in 2010.