concerto Bocelli 2010

Born in stockholm (Sweden), he lives and works in Florence. During Elementi Sotterranei 2013, he will coordinate all the artists and their creations.

2013 is the second year an artistic director has been chosen to lead Elementi Sotterranei.

Etnik started painting at the beginning of the 90′s , travelling a lot and collaborating with several artists in Italy and Europe.

His works are big murales on conceptual subjects, creations on canvases and sculptures. The starting point of his creations is the technique of lettering.

After working for twenty years in the urban areas, he develops a new point of view of the city, very personal and original. This becomes the main subject of his work.

Urban buildings and geometric figures violently intersect on opposite planes and different points of views. This represents the suffocating power of concrete and a very weak balance in everybody’s everyday life.