Urban artist, experimenter.

I paint graffiti since 2002. I love to create artworks in dialogue with the environment and the

people who live there. I experiment subjects and techniques all the time.

I believe that art is a kind of medicine with a real and strong effect on daily life for both the artist and anybody interacting  with. That’s why I love to paint concrete walls.

I’m one of the founders of “Elementi Sotterranei” International Graffiti and Street Art Conscious

Festival in Gemona (Friuli, Italy) together with my friends from “Bravi Ragazzi”, the association for social advancement and cultural promotion.

 I often work as tutor in workshops and community projects for different kind of people (kids, elderly, disabled) with the purpose of making them reflect on their relationship with public spaces and helping them become aware of the power they have to interact with it and change it.