MR. WOODLAND – born in 1981 -  is a freelance graphic-designer and illustrator from Munich/Germany.

Even in the early ages he prefers to draw instead to play football or computergames.

Impressed from colorfull artworks on the trainline 1993 he starts his first steps with the spraycan- not knowing what it calls or what he is doing…

But knowing that this is what he wants to do!

After names like NITRO, DOOM and MONO he decides 2006 in a joke to paint the name

“WOODLAND” and stop painting styles. (because his nickname was WOODY-he is a man of sturdy build).

After this he became MR.WOODLAND with main focus on character art.

In 2011 he made a second big decission: studing graphic-design and start working as a freelance artist with focus on illustrations, urban-art and graphic-design.

It`s what he ever wants to do…

Since 2011 he also started more and more to travel all around the globe – always interested on doing big productions with a message and impressing characters and becoming better.

Right now you will find artworks from MR.WOODLAND all around Europe and Norway.

Also Exhibitions has been in Germany, Italy and Bulgaria.

If you see him – just say “hello”…