Marco Burresi- ZED1- understands all the meanings that the conventional term Street Art carries. Polyvalent artist, he manages to shift from wall to canvas, from commercial graphics to important fashion graphics. But when his creativity gets the chance to be expressed on walls, as with the first love, he shows much more self-confidence and non -chalance.

With experienced use of the spray technique, he manages to produce harmonious nuances as if he was using watercolor; his technique can be sudden but also very detailed and his characters can have very detailed and realistic hair or texture in their clothing. Puppets, elfs, clowns, imaginary characters are present in ZED1 ‘s creations: a bit crazy, a bit on the edge. Melancholia and reflection have a fundamental role in his creations.

Lateral looks, deep in thought, thoughtful eyes, eyelid made heavy by the difficulties of life.

Through these macabre scenes, It seems the artists want to transmit the danger and terror of reality, as an advice for the audience to be aware of what is happening around the world.