The Street Art International Festival (May 7th-June 7th, 2014) will bring to Gemona del Friuli, writers coming from all over Europe who will be asked to express themselves on the theme by collaborating with each other in the creation of a communal wall.

Gemona del Friuli is once again capital of the graffiti during the ninth edition of Elementi Sotterrnaei, the Street Art International Festival which this year will take place between May 7th and June 7th. The festival will bring in the small village of north-east Italy, artists from all over Europe who will be involved in a process of covering the gray walls of the city with their art. Since the first edition,the organizer, the association for social development and support “Bravi Ragazzi”, has aimed to use urban art to increase the value of the urban spaces which were reconstructed with wide surfaces of concrete after the earthquake in 1976. Gemona, indeed, offers large gray walls ready to be transformed and as a background, the village offers the majestic beauty of the  Prealpi Giulie mountains: what a better opportunity for an open-air museum.

Several walls have been already decorated, many more need to be taken care of. Also this year a wall will be chosen as the big canvas which will be transformed thanks to a collaboration among the artists involved in the festival.

But in these years of hard work, a goal has already been reached: street art in not anymore considered vandalism but it gained respect as an art discipline thanks to the hard work of the masters and the use of several techniques.  Banksy docet.

And thanks to Elementi Sotterranei, in the past nine years, Gemona had the honor to host international artists such as  Loomit, Belin, DMS, TelmoMiel, Macs, ECB, Peeta, Erase among many others.

Every year, Elementi Sotterrani focuses on a theme, social or environmental, and invites the artists to collaborate and work on it under the supervision of an Artistic Director. This year the Artistic Director will be “Malakkai”, from Almeria Spain.

If in 2013 the theme was the relationship among generations which shocked the audience with the images of the “granparents writers”, this year Elemnti Sotterranei will start connecting with the theme of Expo 2015. Elementi Sotterranei aims at exploring the theme of food and its sovereignty, the right of people to be able to get the right nutritive and culturally appropriate food, to get accessible food produced in a sustainable and ecologic way, to get the right to be able to choose their own productive system.

Besides the creation of the writers, Elementi Sotterranei will also propose activities to invite as many people as possible to reflect on the general theme of the Festival. There will be workshops for children, painting and graffiti workshops, projections, meetings and many other activities made possible by the collaboration with other cultural and social associations of the territory.

Starting this year, there is also the possibility to support the Festival by doing a small donation though crowdfunding by clicking on the following link:

“The relationship established in the past years between the festival and the locals- says the president of “Bravi Ragazzi” Francesco Kerotoo Patat- allows a unique experience for the artists that every year take part to it. The artists get the chance to be hosted by local families and the result of this special encounter is the enthusiasm that the artists show in coming back to take part to the Hall of fame festival.”

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