Do the Writing!
Awareness Campaign

The Italian Minister of Youth, the Rt.Hon. Giorgia Meloni, together with INWARD and several actors of Italian urban creativity, gave life to an international sensitivisation campaign, called Do the Writing!, whose main goal is to tackle urban vandalism and damage to the Italian artistic legacy and urban features, promoting a suitable and legal expression of writing, graffiti, street art, muralism and urban design. This will help tackling urban decay effectively and promoting youth creativity at the same time.

Another goal of the campaign is to help understanding the phenomenon of urban creativity, completely bereft of the vandalism connotations usually associated with graffiti and the like, as an invaluable opportunity for youth aggregation at the national level, with the help of hundreds of friends, supporters, promoters and testimonials.

Bravi Ragazzi and Elementi Sotterranei are in!!!