ES_Elementi in azione

In November 2011, BRAVI RAGAZZI together with AZIENDA PER I SERVIZI SANITARI N. 3 ALTO FRIULI (C.S.R.E.), organized “ART ATTAK”, a experimental workshop of urban creativity. The external wall of the social-educational and rehabilitation center was painted with by the guests of the center. The excellent success and enthusiasm of the initiative led to a bigger project called “ELEMENTI IN ACTION”.
The project consists in getting to know the concept of “action” as a fundamental element in the artistic discipline Graffiti-Writing when dealing with appropriation of urban and public spaces.
ELEMENTI IN AZIONE is divided in several and consequential phases.
The first phase called “io giornalista vero”- me, authentic reporter- consisted in a reportage with subject “graffiti’ which later was developing in a possible interview with some of the artists invited to ELEMENTI SOTTERRANEI. This phase took place between February and June 2012.
The last phase involved the guests of C.S.R.E. working directly on the field. Their job consisted in painting in white the walls along the tracks of the railway, preparing them to be decorated by the artists of ELEMENTI SOTTERRANEI. This project allowed the participants to get in touch with new people and create new connections between the C.S.R.E. And the locals.