Alice BL Durigatto © 2012

Laboratorio Internazionale della Comunicazione is a summer intensive workshop that thakes place in Gemona del Friuli every summer. Almost 100 students from all over the world gather for three weeks in Gemona to improve their knowledge about Italian culture, history and literature. Together with the theory classes, they are invited to take part to a laboratory -”Bottega”-of creativity. Among others, since 2012, there is the street-art bottega which has been thought by the vice-president of BRAVI RAGAZZI Elia Venturini. The students learned the techniques of street-art and as a result, last year they realized a graffiti on a wall in a park located in the center of the city. The drawing represents the flags of the different countries the students, taking part to the bottega, were from.
In Summer 2013, Elia Venturini will again teach to new students how to be creative with this art technique. For more information visit