Every generation react in its own way in front of life’s events. And the “reaction” is trait d’union between our generation, the generation of our parents and with the ones that came first: every generation have lived a very similar experience. A little ‘as the writing, which starts as a reaction to a world that does’t leave you express yourself, a fight to “ask for word.”


In a world that lives with a lot of  pictures but without imagination, the Association Bravi Ragazzi with ELEMENTI SOTTERRANEI 2013 put on stage a debate about generations through more creative incitements.


The goal is to create – of course in color – a two-way communicative bridge between generations.


As anticipation of ELEMENTI SOTTERRANEI 2013,  the Urban Art Festival which takes place in Gemona del Friuli between June 7th and 9th, Bravi Ragazzi surprised the guest and visitors of Città Fiera (UD) with a new initiative called ELEMENTI IN CENTRO.
This initiative took place on May 16th and 17th and it was highly supported by Citta’ Fiera which, besides being the biggest shopping center of the region, is very interested and keen to value and improve the territory  and the common idea about an artistic discipline too often considered vandalism: Graffiti-writing.
Bravi Ragazzi have recently painted graffiti on the external wall of the University Rizzi (in collaboration with Ce.Vi. and Università di Udine) and in Palazzo conTemporaneo in Udine. In Citta’ Fiera Bravi Ragazzi have decorated with their creativity the entrance of three roofed parking areas.
“Weaponed”with spray offered and sponsored by Kolorand and  inspired by enviromental themes, Kerotoo, Done and Scarpa (from Gemona) were helped in the realization by some of the writers who took part to past editions of Elemnti Sotterranei  such as Telmo Miel (The Netherlands), Dado ( Bologna), Made ( Padova), Shine, Rikro and Gatto (Milan).


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WEB_MaxGatto-Elementi in Centro


WEB_Telmo_Miel_Made_Kerotoo_DoneII-Elementi in centro


WEB_Scarpa_Shine_Dado_Rikro-Elementi in Centro