BRAVI RAGAZZI together with MACROSS, REGIONE FRIULI VENEZIA GIULIA and HOME PAGE MUIC FESTIVAL organizes starting December 2012 a project to develop street-art talents and the capability of approaching and working on a urban space as a urban artist (speed, harmony, dimensions, composition, etc.). The project is divided in three parts. The first one consists in a “Sketch contest”. The participants present a creation on paper and some of them are selected to continue to the second phase of the project. The second part consists in a course led by a popular writer. This section is a workshop and challenging competition in developing skills in writing letters -lettering. This phase is called “The battle”. The third part is an exposition of the best creations named “Do not touch”.


The project called Homepage festival is addressed to young artists of region Friuli Venezia Giulia aged between 14 and 35 years old. The participation is free of charge. The disciplines involved are nine:music, circus theatre, digital graphics, video, photography, installation, street art, presenting shows, drawing. This project is created by ASSOCIAZIONE DREAMERS FVG and is financially supported by REGIONE AUTONOMA FRIULI VENEZIA GIULIA.
The intense workshops will give the most brilliant participants the possibility of carrying on their activity and passion in a total independent way. All the participants will be invited to freely take part to all the events organized by the project.
The project starts in December 2012 and runs for 18 months. The project is divided several phases.

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